5 Inspirational Surf Videos

In need for some inspiration? Check out our video playlist!

1. Dark Side of the Lens

This 5-year-old beauty is an award winning short film from Astray Films. Only a few minutes long, it still manages to give a powerful and compelling insight into a surf photographer’s life on the Irish west coast.



2. Bruce Gold – The Last of the Great Surfing Hippies

Anders Melchior portraits South African surfing legend Bruce Gold in a way that will make you truly smile. It’s a very heart-warming movie on a man who gave up everything to surf J-Bay every day. Bruce is a very unique surfer – we love his style.



3. Dane Reynolds Sucks at Surfing

No crazy editing, no quotes, no water shots. Just Dane Reynolds doing what he does best, accompanied by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Perfect combination.



4. This is Ozzie Wright

Whether you hate his style or not, no-one surfs like Ozzie. This video portrait a unique Australian who lives a life inspired by music, art and boards.



5. Catch It

This award winning short-film profiles Léa Brassy, a French surfer who left her native country to explore the great outdoors of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Inspiring, mellow and beautiful.


What’s your favourite surf video? Let us know in the comments below!

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