Falling in love with Ireland

The day I arrived on the West Coast of Ireland I fell in love with it – the nature, green fields, the stormy Atlantic, waves, the rain, and the people.

The first place I visited was Lahinch. I had my first proper surf lesson there and I’ve been hooked ever since. Peter Conroy was my instructor. We have since become friends, and I was lucky that I could take my first shots of him surfing too.

At that moment, I knew surf photography would become my major passion.







Many people say Ireland is too cold and grey for surfing. This got me thinking, and the idea of “black and colours” shoots was born. Through these pictures I try to show the contrast between greys and Irish emerald colours.
I think anyone who has experienced surfing in Ireland can say that we have many kinds of waves, the scenery is breathtaking and that Irish lads have a great sense of humour.
What I find most beautiful is surfing in rain. I think I’m getting the whole Irish package then!







Things like the way the Atlantic Ocean moves, wild nature, and the emerald coast give me excitement, sometimes even goosebumps. I love capturing the story of each wave ride. My life doesn’t exist in that moment; it is like trapping myself in the shoot and I don’t want to leave this moment! The first time I took a shot of Mully my hair stood up on the back of my neck. Emotions went through my body and mixed all together; I was scared, excited and happy. This feeling is addictive. I’m lucky my story started in Ireland.



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