Just a Rookie

I had a taste of surf photography and now I’m hooked!

I only began photographing surfers a short while ago, two and a half months ago to be precise! I was actually trying to get some beach landscape images when a surfer approached me and I asked if I managed to get some shots of him surfing. So, I thought I’d try my hand at it and I’m now hooked! I have never tried surfing myself (would love to learn it) and know nothing of the technical aspects of it, but I definitely have a true appreciation of the sport. I’m located near the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. I have the choice of many great surf spots, but I enjoy going to Dee Why, Mona Vale and Freshwater, all of which have left and right wave direction and beach breaks. These locations attract surfers of all skill levels and ages. Plus, there are some great cafes and coffee shops nearby, who could ask for more?









I’ve learned that surf photography can be a complex thing to perfect, there’s the challenge of not only capturing a moving object but the conditions are ever changing, the movement of the waves and breakers, the surf spray, the lighting, and then bringing all these elements together to freeze that moment of action in time. I’m still learning and have a way to go, but I’ve already decided that there’s no better way to start the day than viewing a glorious sunrise when most of the city is still asleep and then watching the surfers show off their skills.







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