No Place Like Home

Vancouver Island, my home. Rugged, cold, beautiful. There is no place like it on earth! 

I’ve surfed around the world and I keep being drawn back to the place where the trees meet the ocean. My love for the surfing was born through stories my father told me as a kid. Stories about Hawaii and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I sat there dreaming of what surfing was like, but I knew that the closest surf break was 1400 kilometers west. I was a land locked skate kid with dreams of the ocean.









My friend Tayler is a shaper and I have to say, shaping is truly an art form. A fish, a pin tail, more rocker, less rocker, thruster, single fin, epoxy, single concave and double concave – there is no limit to creativity! Each and every board is unique. It is a calculated mess of foam and resin, it is a piece of the shaper. You start with an idea and turn it into art.
If you ever have the chance to shape your own board, do it! Your respect for your local shaper will increase and your appreciation for your surfboard will change from a piece of sports equipment, to a real art piece.









When I moved to Pensacola, Florida, I got my first taste or surfing. It was nothing like I had imagined, it was way better! After my year in Pensacola, I traveled to France, Spain, Morocco and Hawaii as a missionary. These trips not only expanded my world view and my faith, but also gave me an opportunity to surf and get to know each unique surf culture. I brought along a DSLR camera and my love for photography seemed to fit perfectly with surfing. Those travels shaped me, not only in my love for people, but in my photographic expression. I’m more than happy to share my view from the other side of the lens.

My name is Alexander Stickel, I live on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Surfing, surf culture and Christ are my passions.







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